Precision Honing Specialists

What We Are Specialists In

I.D. and O.D. honing and lapping is a specialty internal/external bore finishing process that provides exceptional cylindricity, surface finish as well as bore sizing accuracy and precision.

At Specialty Honing LLC we service precision machined parts for numerous industries, including:

  • Aerospace
  • Medical
  • Military
  • Semiconductor
  • Many others

Quick & Timely

Precision honing is often one of the last operations to be carried out on machined parts. That being the case, we realize quick turn around times are paramount to maintaining competitive lead times. Here at Specialty Honing we have production schedules that are structured with built in flexibility to help our customers meet their deadlines. We also have the capability to run several machines concurrently, thus reducing lead times.

Precision Honing SpecialistsExperienced & Innovative

As precision honing specialists we have been in the precision honing business for over 30 years. During that time we have accumulated the tooling, abrasives, and gauging with the capability to accommodate work pieces from .040″ to 6.00″ in diameter. This helps keep lead times, tooling costs and gauging costs to a minimum.

Another advantage of our extensive experience in the honing industry is that we have seen it all.  We have found ways to make good parts out of parts written off as scrap, due to such conditions as bowing, out of round and/or tapered conditions. Specialty Honing has also invented a tube honing machine for small diameter tubing. With this machine we can hone tubes as small as .060″ in diameter and as long as 42″ in length.

Universal Gage Retailer

Specialty Honing is also an authorized retailer of Universal Gage products. Universal Gage offers:

  • Air Gaging
  • Air Gages
  • Air Plugs
  • Air Spindles
  • Air Bore Gages
  • All Air Gage Products for Close Tolerance Dimensional Measurement

Precision Honing

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